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Randall is one of the original founders of Quintessential Computing Services Inc. and has been involved in large and small-scale software and SCADA projects over the past 24 years.  He is an experienced leader in business analysis, system architecture and software engineering as well as specialized SCADA application development.  

Randall has a wide knowledge of Gas Transport Pipeline applications including EFM in addition to Crude and Product pipeline applications such as Leak Detection, Batch Tracking and Tanking.   The technical support of sales and marketing efforts for large scale SCADA systems has been a natural outcome of this expertise.


Since joining  Quintessential as one of original founders  Ian has been involved in many major software development projects ranging from 6 months to 2 years in duration. 

A skilled business analyst and software architect Ian possesses a deeply rooted knowledge of relational database schema design, process modeling and user interfaces.  Ian is especially talented at finding surprisingly elegant solutions to complex problems.

At Quintessential he has been responsible for a number of development efforts including Quantum EFM, complex visualization applications for SCADA systems and development and support of Lab Information Management Systems.


Shane’s expertise in SCADA includes software and device driver development, system support, commissioning and deployment.

At Quintessential his development efforts include a large number of protocol drivers for gas flow computers. Shane recently completed the development of a protocol translator for a client’s SCADA system to a proprietary RTU with a HART instrument interface.  Additionally he has been working with an Oil and Gas producer on the architecture and deployment of a Disaster Recovery site for the client’s SCADA systems.

Shane has a high level of versatility across multiple SCADA platforms including Trihedral VTScada, ABB SCADAvantage and Schneider Electric OASyS

Scott has worked in a number of roles in the SCADA field encompassing system architecture, application & protocol development, Technical Lead and Project Manager on what is now Schneider Electric’s OASyS©. 

At Pason Systems Scott was part of a core technical team who designed and built version 3 of the Pason Electronic Drilling Recorder.  Subsequently, as EDR Project Manager, Scott led the team of developers responsible successive versions of the EDR to more than 2000 land based drilling rigs in the US, Canada and Mexico

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